More Testimonials

We waited 5-6 yrs before deciding on putting a brand new sprinkler system in. Couldn’t find the ‘right’ outfit. Even thought about teaching myself to do it. (thank the Lord I didn’t do that. Seriously. I had no idea)  We are very pleased to be able to provide this review. If you’re reading this, then you know just how hard it is, to come by an honest, hardworking, knowledgeable, willing to listen, contractor type of person. Everyone’s ‘gotta’ get over on everyone, or so it seems sometimes. 

First of all Randal is a US Marine which means this…Marines think ahead and pay close attention to detail. They take pride in what they do. That’s huge for us.   Randal has a memory like an elephant too. Something he may mention to you about the project just in casual conversation, (and you think ahh, he’s not gonna remember sayin’ that) comes to pass. 

We had a big job for Randal. Maybe not HUGE but weird…and kinda big. Pullin’ water from 70’ below plus other ‘cool’ challenges. He was confident in his ability and he did what he said he would do and more.  His estimate did not change during or at the end of the job. How many times have you had something done for x amount of dollars but when the final bill came in it was, of course, more?  Every time? 

Not only was Randal’s sprinkler head predictions spot on, (63 if not mistaken) he gave us a 10% discount for being a Veteran’s Advocate. My job puts me in front of Veterans every day and for that we paid less than the estimate. What? Yeah.

About the only other really important thing that we can say that will hit home…literally…is this…by the time Randal was done with the job our property value was worth significantly more than what he charged. 

We hope this helps in weighing your decision. We feel you will not regret putting your project in Randal’s hands.

Derric and Teresa 

It is so wonderful that anytime there is a question your response is the same day. Lightning hits and in a 1/2 hour you are here. WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE SCHOOL DID YOU GO TO??????? 

Jim and Janice 

We had Randy install an underground irrigation system for our new home. From start to finish we were impressed with his knowledge and skill in design and installation. He takes great pride in his work which includes follow-up checks to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Randy is a dedicated professional with high work ethics and a sincere concern for his customers. He has that special personality that makes working with him a real pleasure. 

We are extremely pleased with the final product and can highly recommend Randy without reservation.

Ron and Kathy

T&L Excavation, Inc. takes great pride in it's work, so we make sure the contractors we recommend meet our high standards of work ethic. Randal is honest, knows his business, backs his work and does an outstanding job. We rely on him when it comes to our customers lawns. We are grateful to have found a lawn sprinkler installer like Randal at A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC. We would recommend him to anyone who is looking to have a beautiful lawn with the piece of mind that it will be done right.

Todd and Lynn Dolata   T&L Excavation, Inc. 

We had Randy install a Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System. He did a great job! Very efficient. Answered all questions. Randy told us about the remote hose bibs he could install. We just love them. Now we do not need to drag hoses around the yard anymore. Follow-up service is great! We would highly recommend Randy. Our lawn has never looked better.

Wally and Linda 

We are so happy we had you put a sprinkler system in. Our lawn and flowers have never looked so good. We love the separate zone for our vegetable garden too. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job.

Norm and Carol 

You are the hardest working guy I have ever seen! You pay close attention to detail and do everything right the first time. I will recommend you to all of my friends.


I am 77 years old and used to spend my day dragging hoses around. Randy put a sprinkler system in and now all my day is spent enjoying my beautiful lawn and working in my flowers. Randy even has it set up so all my flowers get watered automatically. I don't have to worry about a thing. Randy did a great job! I am so happy!


You did a great job installing the sprinklers here at the resort. Everything is perfect. We are very satisfied!

Sunset Bay Resort

I am a first time home buyer and I wanted my small yard to "pop", so I had A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC put in a sprinkler system for me. I am so pleased to have lush green grass and beautiful flowers and plants that I NEVER have to water. Randy did and excellent job installing and did everything with great care. His knowledge gave me a great sense of comfort knowing that I was making the right decision for my home. I would recommend a sprinkler system and most definitely RANDY at A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC as your installer.


First I want to say this job was larger and more involved than we thought. We were up against laying sod and I was worried in the beginning about keeping our deadline. Randy with A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC kept reassuring me that it will all get done. He was right, the pieces fell together and the job was completed within our time line. We are very happy that we had A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC install our irrigation system. The ease of the controller for sprinkler systems has made me feel like a pro. We are so pleased with everything A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC and Randy has done. Thank you!


Joe & I want to thank you for the wonderful and highly professional job you and your assistant did on the installation of our sprinkler system this summer. In spite of it being installed during one of the hottest weeks we experienced this summer you both continued working until the job was completed within the time frame you told us it would be.

It's great to have the system take care of all the watering and eliminating dragging hoses around. Thanks, also, for the suggestion of adding the drip style outlets over the hanging baskets. It's so much better to enjoy the hanging flower pots without the hassle of watering cans.

Initially, it was your web-site ad that caught our attention because of your Veteran status and we are glad we went with our 'gut' in choosing you over the other bidders for the job. From the bidding to installation to follow-up and finally the shut down for the season we have both been very impressed by your professionalism, promptness and honesty in all aspects. 

As you promised, our lawn went from a very burnt out patch to coming back green in 2 weeks, it continued to get better as summer stayed hot and dry.  Thanks again, Randy. We'll see you in the spring when you're ready to start it all up again.

Joe & Nancy 


Just a note to say "Thank you" for all that you have done to insure the process of our sprinkling system throughout our property. We will be extending our existing system with the hopes that you will take on the job once again.  We look forward to working with you in the Spring and appreciate any suggestions that you may have.

Again, Thank you, thank you for a job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken and Rosalie

We wanted to thank you for the great work you did on our lawn. Before you started our project our yard was dry and hard to walk on due to the sand and harshness. After you installed our sprinkler system it was amazing how great the grass came in. We love the different zones we can run. The extra care and time you took to walk us through how to use the system and attention to detail was wonderful. We highly recommend your services and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Kevin, Theresa and Emily

It went fantastic! I cant say enough good things about this man or his products. Everything is first rate. It’s a great system. More than I expected. Very, very happy we found this guy on Angie’s List. Thanks to you (Angie) also. First quality work. I am a disabled Veteran and he gave us a break on that as both himself and his helpers are former Marines. So they are used to this type of hard work. Excellent work, quality products and new and better services are here for the future as Randy is expanding his products to include fertilizer from a tank on site along with pest prevention and related services, so it just keeps getting better. 


Tired of watching your lawn turn brown?  Every year we went through the same thing...waiting for rain.  Initially we contacted three local sprinkler companies, yet we only received a call back from Randy at A1 Lawn Sprinklers, LLC.  Randy came in, he was just great.  He laid out and designed our is awesome!!  He is thorough, diligent, customer oriented and a joy to be around!  We highly recommend A1 Lawn Sprinklers...only one problem, he doesn't cut grass.

Frank and Jane Carter

Good Morning Randy, Thanks for the pictures and locations of all my lines and sprinkler heads...  Just so you know, It takes alot for me to go out of my way to make a special phone call when there's not a problem but I felt I needed to comment on the job you did for me on my sprinkler system... My lawn has never looked this good. I can't tell you how pleased I am with not having to drag hundreds of feet of hose around the house trying to just keep my lawn alive ! The lawn all around the house this year is spectacular, which being a year of little rainfall is amazing to say the least...

The second thing I wanted to say was thanks for the way the install was handled from day one.... Your professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding. Your price was not only the best quote I had but you started and finished on time, and really took interest in my property and my needs designing a custom system that my property required... In today's world of really poor customer service (everywhere) it was refreshing to work with a professional like you... I never offer this up, but feel free to offer my name and number (as needed) as a reference or testimonial to potential clients. On a last note, please add me to your list for a spring project for my garden and another section of lawn. Best Wishes, and stay in touch,